Where to buy Modafinil or Modalert online

Where to buy Modafinil or Modalert online

Where to buy Modafinil Online

So, what is all the hype about Modafinil? and more importantly, where to buy Modafinil or Modalert onlineLimitless the movie, Modafinil

This smart drug has started to attract a lot of attention due to it’s fictional portrayal in movies such as Limitless (2011) and Lucy (2014). Modafinil has many of the cognitive enhancing effects of the drugs featured in those films, which is why it has attracted a lot of attention and increased in popularity, particularly amongst high-achievers.

Modafinil has been proven to make the user more alert. give them a massive increase in energy, boost their mood and induce slight euphoria and to noticeably improve memory. It has been branded the drug which can give you super powers.

Recently, it had been the subject of media scrutiny, with Wall Street traders admitting that they use the drug to give themselves a competitive edge. Silicon Valey executive have also said that they regularly use the drug. It is well-known as a wakefulness drug, usually used in the treatment of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness. It allows the user to experience long periods of concentration and enhance their mental performance.

But, of course, Modafinil is no where near as powerful as drugs like NZT-48, which are portrayed in films, and certainly doesn’t have the same exact effects, suggesting it is a drug which has had it’s reputation hyped up.

Modafinil is often used for the treatment of narcolepsy, fatigue, schizophrenia, cocaine addiction, depression and Parkinson’s disease.

What does Modafinil do? (How does Modafinil Work)

Modafinil has two main effects on the human body. It increases the release of monoamines, which are neurotransmitters. This enhances alertness and concentration. It also increases levels of hypothalamic histamine, which results in increased wakefulness.

Modafinil is primarily intended to be prescribed to patients who experience serious sleeping problems and have difficulties functioning due to extreme fatigue. Usually, doctors will prescribe it to those suffering insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, and most commonly, narcolepsy.

People who suffer with these types of conditions often find it very difficult to get the required amount of quality sleep, making it hard for them to function properly during the day, and stay awake during the periods they most need to be. It works much like an amphetamine, promoting alertness and wakefulness. Users are able to focus on tasks such as reading, writing or studying without feeling fatigue, subsequently making them more goal-orientated.

However, Modafinil has also been found to have a positive effect on adults who aren’t sleep-deprived, or experiencing any associated conditions, making it a popular option for those who have heavy workloads or need to complete tasks to a high standard in a short amount of time.

Off-label uses for Modafinilwhere to buy modafinil modalert online

Due to the seemingly wondrous properties of the drug, many psychiatrists and doctors have prescribed Modafinil to those who suffer with ADHD. It has had many positive results in improving attention span and work ethic. It appears to have a much lower risk of side effects than traditional ADHD treatments, such as Ritalin and Adderall. May be a safer alternative, allowing children to attend school and achieve higher grades, as well as allowing adults to perform better at work. However, Modafinil has never actually approved for treating ADHD and is not longer recommended for children, due to its intense effects.

More recently, people without sleep disorders have been using it to help treat a variety of conditions. Due to the induced euphoria, it has been used by people to deal with depression and seasonal affective disorder. Similarly, people with bi-polar disorder, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, disease-related fatigue and even substance abuse, use Modafinil to help them deal with their illnesses and help them overcome them.

Is Modafinil legal?

In short, yes, Modafinil is legal, but only with a legitimate prescription from a trained doctor or professional. It is categorised as a Schedule IV controlled substance in the US, meaning it is illegal to import. Whereas in the UK, Australia, Germany and Canada, it is legal to import but illegal to use without a prescription. In India, it is an uncontrolled substance, and can be used and owned by anyone without a prescription.

How to properly take and use Modafinil

It is advised to take between 100mg-400mg of Modafinil per day, depending on your condition. The most common dosage is 200mg per day, which should be more than enough for most users. This drug should not be taken after midday, as it could results in side effects like insomnia. It has a long half-life of around 10 to 15 hours, so it is important to take it early in the day as it stays in your system.

In order to avoid the more common minor side effects, such as muscle pain or headaches, when using this drug, you should make sure that you take regular breaks from work. Pay attention to looking after you body by eating regularly, although appetite will diminish and drinking plenty of water to prevent dry mouth and dehydration.

Modafinil Side Effects

The side effects of Modafinil are relatively mild, with the most common side effects being headaches and nausea. There are also less common side effects which include anxiety, insomnia, and dizziness. Far less likely, but much more seriously, the potential exists for users of Modafinil to experience chest pain, hypertension, and even tachycardia.

In addition to these side effects, Modafinil may also reduce the efficacy of hormonal contraceptives.

Modalert Side Effects List:
– Anxiety;
– Difficulty sleeping;
– Dizziness;
– Headache;
– Nausea;
– Nervousness;

Tell your doctor immediately if any of these rare but serious side effects occur:
– Hallucinations;
– Depression;
– Confusion;
– Agitation;
– Abnormal thoughts

Modafinil/Modalert Overdose.

Symptoms of Modalert overdose might include the following:
– Tremors;
– Sleep disturbances;
– Palpitations;
– Nervousness;
– Nausea;
– Irritability;
– Insomnia;
– Diarrhea;
– Confusion;
– Anxiety;
– Agitation;
– Aggressiveness;


Modafinil/Modalert Doseage.

Modalert usually is taken at a dose of 200mg or 400mg daily, although the 400mg dose has not been shown to be more effective than the 200mg dose. Modalert can be taken with or without food.

Recommended Dose.

200mg taken as a single dose in the morning.



Modafinil As A Doping AgentModalert online

Modafinil has received some attention in the media as a result of athletes allegedly using the drug as a doping agent. Some athletes in the United States faced disciplinary action after testing positive for the drug, claiming that it was not on the banned list at the time they were taking it. Authorities disagreed. Modafinil was officially banned before the start of the 2004 Summer Olympics.


Where to buy Modafinil or Modalert online

Modafinil is a prescription drug, however, can be reliably sourced from a company called MODALERT.CO

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Where to buy Modafinil or Modalert online
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