Nicergoline (Sermion) will change the way you think!

Nicergoline (Sermion) will change the way you think!

Nicergoline (Sermion)

Nicergoline is a nootropic medicine which is widely marketed under the brand name of Sermion. This is considered to be an anti-aging and a cognitive enhancer drug. Nicergoline (Sermion) is actually being used to treat senile dementia as it is an ergoloid mesylate derivate which improves human cognitive abilities. The medicine has been proven to be extremely effective in boosting agility.

This is delineated by better perceptiveness and clarity in the mind. Nicergoline (Sermion) does, in summary, enhance cognitive abilities such as concentration, perception, and clarity of thoughts. The drug itself has been widely tested in Japan and this has made it a famous drug among Japanese.

nicergoline sermionHowever, Nicergoline (Sernion) is a nootropic medicine quite different from ‘Hydergine”. Hydergine mechanism of functioning is that it stabilizes oxygen and as a result, mental capacity is enhanced.

It is thus simply a mental booster. Nicergoline has its competitive advantage of instilling vigilance, perceptiveness and critical thinking through clarity of mind.


The medicine operates through a simple methodology. Nicergoline (Sernion) has an attribute which improves vascular circulation within the human brain. This actually progresses the functioning of nerves signals. As a result, it will give rise to more acetylcholine.

The neural transmitter will automatically improve the condition of the mind. It will simultaneously alleviate disorders developed in the brain as the alpha-adrenolytic will proceed by improving arterial flow, enhance the use of oxygen and glucose within the brain through its metabolism.

Tests have been performed on animals. They have all shown an astounding result. The ‘aged brain’ does experience a growth of nerves. This has actually given nicergoline a wider scope of benefits.


Nicergoline, is used to treat various issues related to the brain. Its recent discoveries have made it a good treatment for migraine which has been developed due to the vascular source. It also facilitates blood irrigation and circulation in different parts of the body such as the lung. Furthermore, it treats other blood related dilemmas. One of them is ‘transient ischemia’ which is defined by difficulties associated with blood supply.

Nicergoline (Sermion) Precaution

There are some users of the drug who should take precautions before consuming. These people are those who suffer from:

  • Heart problems (myocardial infarction)
  • Bradyacardia
  • Acute Bleeding
  • Hypertension

The consultation of a professional physician is advised. It will decrease the risk of abrupt side-effects that are indeed uncommon with nootropic products. They can, however, be instigated in case the patient is suffering from the above health conditions.

Side effects of Nicergoline (Sermion)

The ranges of adverse effects of nicergoline are limited. There are still risks of some mild side-effects. These are often linked with an overdose of the drug which can provoke issues such as stomach upset, dizziness, insomnia and hypotension. It is thus certain that regulation of the intake of the strength of the dosage is important. A combination of nootropic products is not advised. It can have an influence upon the strength of the dosage so a doctor should be consulted in such a case.

nicergoline sermion tabletsDosage

Nicergoline is consumed orally. It is actually sold in two forms capsules of 5-10mg or in a container with both one, a bottle of solvent and vial of powder. The general advised consumption of the drug is 1 to 2 pills or above 20 drops but less than 40.

Nicergoline should be consumed at precise intervals throughout the period of treatment. The dosage is, however, regulated for certain therapies such as senile dementia, where the dosage is quite high 30-60mg per day. Nicergoline needs to be consumed over a period of time.

The expected time of the treatment will be specified by a doctor and it will be based on its purpose.

General Information

Nicergoline should be kept at room temperature. The date of expiration is specified on the container. The powder will only be appropriate for consumption for 30 days after its preparation. It is necessary to keep the medicine away from children. Furthermore, women who are pregnant should take various precautions. It is always necessary to consult a physician before consuming Nicergoline.


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