Where to buy Modafinil or Modalert online


A stimulant nootropic, Modafinil acts as a wakefulness enhancer. Invented in the 1970s in the French Pharmaceutical Company Lafon, Modafinil was originally intended to be a narcolepsy treatment. Though it is not approved for use in the USA for off-label usage, it has proven to be an effective nootropic agent which significantly promotes alertness and concentration levels.modafinil modalert online

Modafinil is often used for the treatment of narcolepsy, fatigue, schizophrenia, cocaine addiction, depression and Parkinson’s disease.

What does Modafinil do?

Modafinil has two main effects on the human body. It increases the release of monoamines, which are neurotransmitters. This enhances alertness and concentration. It also increases levels of hypothalamic histamine, which results in increased wakefulness.

Modafinil Side Effects

The side effects of Modafinil are relatively mild, with the most common side effects being headaches and nausea. There are also less common side effects which include anxiety, insomnia, and dizziness. Far less likely, but much more seriously, the potential exists for users of Modafinil to experience chest pain, hypertension, and even tachycardia.

In addition to these side effects, Modafinil may also reduce the efficacy of hormonal contraceptives.


Modafinil As A Doping AgentModalert online

Modafinil has received some attention in the media as a result of athletes allegedly using the drug as a doping agent. Some athletes in the United States faced disciplinary action after testing positive for the drug, claiming that it was not on the banned list at the time they were taking it. Authorities disagreed. Modafinil was officially banned before the start of the 2004 Summer Olympics.


Where to buy Modafinil or Modalert online

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