Surprising benefits of eating Raw Turmeric

Surprising benefits of eating Raw Turmeric

Raw Turmeric Benefits

The countless health benefits of eating raw Turmeric may seem to be just like a recent breakthrough, but it includes a long record in the Ayurvedic custom, especially for intestinal and gut health. Actually, this brilliant silver spice has been loved in India for over four thousand years. When found with other bioactive natural herbs, turmeric encourages digestive function and regulates gastric acid, bile, and intestinal human hormones.

Therapeutic Uses of Raw Turmeric

Lots of the recent headlines regarding raw turmeric give attention to its results on irritation and cancers. However, in India and other Southern Asian countries, there’s a well-established record of using turmeric for a variety of traditional remedies. In Nepal, powdered turmeric main is put on bruises, wounds, enlarged bones, and sprains. Indian folk treatments prescribe turmeric for respiratory and liver organ health and stimulate the desire for food. The benefits associated with raw turmeric are essentially owed to a robust school of antioxidants called Curcuminoids, collectively known as Curcumin, and turmeric is the only real source. Other uses of raw Turmeric include Turmeric Tea

benefits of eating raw turmeric


Traditional Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric is was often substituted as a cheap alternative to saffron, also it is not related to the spice. The root (rhizome) of the plant is harvested is and boiled and dried. The dried root is then ground into a fine powder. It has a mild peppery and bitter flavor. Its dark yellow color is often used as a dye in many foods.

It is believed to purify blood, aid in the digestion of protein, and helps metabolism, improving both excess and deficiencies. Turmeric benefits include a long list of treatments for fever, infections, stomach discomfort, arthritis, jaundice, dysentery, and liver problems. In China, doctors traditionally used turmeric to treat menstrual discomforts, congestion, and other common ailments. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics allow it to be used for carpel tunnel syndrome and join inflammation from arthritis. Prepared in tea it is often used to soothe cough, asthma, and sore throats.

Turmeric is used in many regions such as India, the Middle East, Morocco, Africa and South Eastern Asia, for cooking. It is most often used in curries, giving it the bright yellow color. Traditionally it is considered a cleansing herb for the entire body, it is believed to increase energy and promote prosperity. It is a natural antibiotic and strengthens digestion.

It has been used as anti-septic for cuts, bruises, and scrapes. It has also been used to improve skin tone and tan by preparing it into a paste and rubbing it on the skin. It is also has been used as an anti-aging agent. Eating raw Turmeric for skin conditions such as Psoriasis has also proven extremely beneficial.


Effects on the Digestive System and Gut

The thought of gut health might think of images of probiotic supplements or fermented foods. Those can be applied but there are a lot of different ways to market gut health, and it appears that eating turmeric is one of these. The many clinically proven benefits of turmeric extend throughout your body, and it offers specific activities that support gut and intestinal health.


Turmeric offers a multi-tiered method of safeguarding the integrity of the tummy coating. First, turmeric inhibits enzymes that bargain abdominal health. In addition, it improves the secretion of tummy mucous–the primary protection against destruction from gastric acid solution and other irritants.

It is also worth talking about that, in pet models, curcumin disrupts the development of harmful microorganisms and eradicates them from your body while assisting in repairing the abdominal lining.

benefits of eating raw turmeric 2Liver

Inside the liver organ, turmeric helps increase cholesterol removal by enhancing bile creation. There are lots of ways to encourage normal cholesterol levels and eating foods that help your system use its cholesterol stores is one of these. Incorporating regular raw turmeric intake with fiber-rich foods even better cleanses one’s body of cholesterol by trapping and ushering it to the digestive tract for removal.

Curcumin also helps to protect liver skin cells from damage brought on by poisons such as peroxide, galactosamine, cigarette smoke, and home chemicals.


Curcumin supports digestive function by calming the even muscles of the digestive system and gently moving digested food through the intestines. In addition, it discourages gas and bloating.


A wholesome, well-balanced colon is vital to gut health, digestive system comfort, and the progress of beneficial bacteria’s. Curcumin helps balance between your microbiota and the immune system response in the digestive tract.

Curcumin induces the colonic crypts–glands on the internal surface of the colon–to regenerate and heal. This is especially beneficial when leaky gut or hostile organism overgrowth can be found.

benefits of eating raw turmeric 2Curcumin suppresses EGR-1, health proteins which could allow destroyed DNA to get coded. Quite simply, curcumin works as the product quality control agent and means that skin cells replicate proteins properly. Further, curcumin drives apoptosis–the body’s natural approach to recycling old, exhausted cells.


Raw Turmeric, Gut Health, and Digestive Wellness

Turmeric’s healing value helps it be an all natural choice for assisting gut and intestinal health. There is no shortage of medical evidence supporting the hyperlink between a wholesome gut, a solid microbiome, and overall well-being.


Turmeric Benefit List

Antiseptic for cuts, burns and bruises – applied as a paste with water
Anti inflammatory agent – great for hives, arthritis, swollen glands etc…
Stomach ailments – calms gastric problems
Scar removal – applied as a paste onto the skin can help reduce the appearance of red scar tissue
Antioxidant- improves liver function which cleanses the blood of toxins
General skin care – Indian women use it for glowing skin and a smoother complexion
Acne treatment – applied as a paste for 10 minutes everyday can help to reduce acne
Alzheimer’s disease
Treatment for depression
Pain reliever – it has a numbing effect
Weight loss – curcumin aids digestion
Cystic fibrosis
Multiple sclerosis
Hair removal – it is used commonly in India for this.


Growing Turmeric

Dried and ground turmeric could be easily found at most super markets. But of course it is always better to grow your own turmeric.

Turmeric is harvested for the rhizome (root) of the plant, like it’s cousin ginger. During the drying process turmeric loses much of its flavor and fragrance because of the loss of oils. Tu

Turmeric growing

rmeric also becomes more bitter as it dries. By growing your own turmeric at home you will be able to enjoy its natural taste.

Turmeric grows best in moist hot climates. If you live in the south, should not have any trouble growing it as long as it receives plenty of direct sunlight. If you live in a milder region you may need to grow it in a green house.

Growing Turmeric is as easy as planting fresh roots. You may be able to find fresh roots at Asian grocery stores. You can also order turmeric roots online or at local nurseries. When you choose fresh turmeric roots, be sure to select ones with thick fingers, this is what you will be planting in the soil.

When you have your roots, remove the fingers and plant them in fertile soil with direct sunlight. The soil should only be slight moist. If you plan to grow them in a greenhouse, you can plant them in pots with potting soil. To avoid freezing in winter month you can bring them inside.

The roots will be ready to harvest eight to ten months after planting them, when the leaves and stems begin to dry. Simple remove them from the soil, remove the leaves and rinse off the dirt. The turmeric clumps should be stored in a cool dry place.


Turmeric Tea

1 large cup of water
3+ teaspoons brown sugar
1 inch ginger root
1/3+ teaspoon powdered tumeric (or 1 inch piece of fresh root)Turmeric Tea
juice of 1/2 lime (or lemon), or milk
This is an easy recipe that I use most often, it is tasty and easy to alternate between lemon juice and milk. I boil the turmeric powder and ginger root (chopped in 2-3 pieces) first for approx. 10 minutes. I have also recently started adding a touch of pepper which doesn’t effect the taste. Pepper is said to make curcumin absorb into the body easier.

aprox. 2, 2″ pieces (yellow Tumeric)
1 lemon
1 tablespoon of honey
Cayanne pepper
optional (banana)

2 cups of water
1/2 teaspoon powder Turmeric

1/2 teaspoon powdered Ginger
1 Tablespoon Maple Syrup or Honey
Juice of 1/2 Lemon

4 cups of water
1 Tablespoon of powdered Turmeric
Lemon (optional)
Honey (optional)

For best results boil turmeric (and ginger) for 10 minutes before adding other ingredients. This helps the body to absorb the nutrients so that you get the maximum turmeric benefits. When using powder beware of that last sip of tea as the powder will collect there and not taste very nice.

To avoid staining my teeth yellow I take a few sips of water afterwards and use it to rinse the inside of my mouth (this isn’t necessary though). It has also been suggested that adding oil or black pepper to Turmeric tea can aid the body with absorbing turmeric.

Turmeric recipes can be found all over the internet. I enjoy cooking and find that i can easily sneak some into many different dishes as alternative to drinking turmeric tea. It goes well in all curry recipes, even those not from India. It can also be used to give dishes and rice a yellow color. Just try adding it to your favourite recipes. I use it regularly in green Thai curry, chicken curry with coconut milk, and Bicol Express (Filipino pork dish with coconut milk and shrimp paste). It can also be used in marinades for BBQ food.

If you prefer not to drink or eat it, you could try turmeric capsules which are an easy way of ensuring your body has all the goodness from curcumin. many dishes which feature this spice are Asian recipes which are delicious. I have found some great options which utilize this ingredient such as Thai soup.


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Surprising benefits of eating Raw Turmeric
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Surprising benefits of eating Raw Turmeric
There are countless benefits of Raw Turmeric, which includes encouraging digestive function, regulates gastric acid, bile, and intestinal human hormones.
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