Benefits of eating raw turmeric

benefits of eating raw turmeric

The countless health benefits associated with eating raw turmeric may seem to be just like a recent breakthrough, but it includes a long record in the Ayurvedic custom, especially for intestinal and gut health. Actually, this brilliant silver spice has been loved in India for over four thousand years. When found with other bioactive natural herbs, turmeric encourages digestive function and regulates gastric acid, bile, and intestinal human hormones.

Therapeutic Uses of Turmeric

Lots of the recent headlines regarding turmeric give attention to its results on irritation and cancers. However, in India and other Southern Asian countries, there’s a well-established record of using turmeric for a variety of traditional remedies. In Nepal, powdered turmeric main is put on bruises, wounds, enlarged bones, and sprains. Indian folk treatments prescribe turmeric for respiratory and liver organ health and stimulate the desire for food. The benefits associated with turmeric are essentially owed to a robust school of antioxidants called curcuminoids, collectively known as curcumin, and turmeric is the only real source.

Effects on the Digestive System and Gut

The thought of gut health might think of images of probiotic supplements or fermented foods. Those can be applied but there are a lot of different ways to market gut health, and it appears that eating turmeric is one of these. The many clinically proven benefits of turmeric extend throughout your body, and it offers specific activities that support gut and intestinal health.


Turmeric offers a multi-tiered method of safeguarding the integrity of the tummy coating. First, turmeric inhibits enzymes that bargain abdominal health. In addition, it improves the secretion of tummy mucous–the primary protection against destruction from gastric acid solution and other irritants.

It is also worth talking about that, in pet models, curcumin disrupts the development of harmful microorganisms and eradicates them from your body while assisting in repairing the abdominal lining.

benefits of eating raw turmeric 2Liver

Inside the liver organ, turmeric helps increase cholesterol removal by enhancing bile creation. There are lots of ways to encourage normal cholesterol levels and eating foods that help your system use its cholesterol stores is one of these. Incorporating regular turmeric intake with fiber-rich foods even better cleanses one’s body of cholesterol by trapping and ushering it to the digestive tract for removal.

Curcumin also helps to protect liver skin cells from damage brought on by poisons such as peroxide, galactosamine, cigarette smoke, and home chemicals.


Curcumin supports digestive function by calming the even muscles of the digestive system and gently moving digested food through the intestines. In addition, it discourages gas and bloating.


A wholesome, well-balanced colon is vital to gut health, digestive system comfort, and the progress of beneficial bacteria’s. Curcumin helps balance between your microbiota and the immune system response in the digestive tract.

Curcumin induces the colonic crypts–glands on the internal surface of the colon–to regenerate and heal. This is especially beneficial when leaky gut or hostile organism overgrowth can be found.

benefits of eating raw turmeric 2Curcumin suppresses EGR-1, health proteins which could allow destroyed DNA to get coded. Quite simply, curcumin works as the product quality control agent and means that skin cells replicate proteins properly. Further, curcumin drives apoptosis–the body’s natural approach to recycling old, exhausted cells.


Turmeric, Gut Health, and Digestive Wellness

Turmeric’s healing value helps it be an all natural choice for assisting gut and intestinal health. There is no shortage of medical evidence supporting the hyperlink between a wholesome gut, a solid microbiome, and overall well-being.

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